And an updated photo of myself- although you can’t see all my blonde hair on the first few inches of my hair in this one. Went to have my cards read yesterday and made amends with a really great old friend. Getting my nipples tattoo’d within the next few days as well. Considering posting a picture of them when they’re done. Merry X-mas to me.

More of my oddities collection <3

Feel free to ask about them- I love talking about what they are, where to find them, and how to treat them. #obsessed

Pieces of my collection. I’m also getting a lynx skull and another bobcat skull for Christmas! So stoked.

So my friends Christmas surprise for me was very unexpected.

Just a few of the stupid amount of rings I made for Christmas presents. Teeth, skulls, stones, floral and turquoise pendants.

earlier this year.

some bullshit I never uploaded because I never upload my art on here anymore.

Missing you grandma.

Mummified Lynx Skull- Newest addition to my collection.

From about a week or so ago, forgot to post it on here. This one is up for grabs, it’s pretty big.

From about a week or so ago, forgot to post it on here. This one is up for grabs, it’s pretty big.

I really enjoy getting wasted off sweet wine and watching shitty television in bed with people I find attractive.

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The glowing red of alarm clocks to light your way through the house, reminding you that you’re only welcome until you’re not welcome.

My nonchalant attitude towards death scares me endlessly.

Anonymous asked:
how long was your longest realationship with a female? Also where in the world would you rather be right now?

2 years.

And I’d rather be a 60 year old man smoking cigars and looking back on everything. The times he missed playing the the rain, so when he was 50 and his wife just left him he played a game he made up called “turkey” where he stood in the downpour and let it fill his mouth and swallowed it out of reflex until his stomach was so full he puked in his neighbors front yard and his regrets all because minscule in that instant. The one with the library books full of words that were glimpsed at for a moment, that meant the world but couldn’t be recalled even if you begged him. I don’t wish for a millon dollars, for absolute fullfillment, I just wish for the underbelly of what we look at to fill the spots that we aren’t taught to be gratifying in school. because when you know those, you know what happiness really is. Happiness is the moments you miss, because your imagination of what could have been is always larger than what was.